In 1988

Yonggang YANG, an x-game expert, established RUNNING RIVER in Beijing. He named the company after the American hero movie Riverrun. Up till now, the company has successfully registered the English trademark RUNNING RIVER in China, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, and Japan as well as countries in North America, Western and Eastern Europe.

In 2010

the UNNING RIVER Motocross ATV. Team began to apply the international racing techniques and defended the champion of the Across Taklimakan Rally, the biggest in China. The team was awarded with the prizes of Best Team and All-ATR Team, etc.

In 2000

RUNNING RIVER sponsored the mountaineering of China Explore Society.

In 2000

RUNNING RIVER sponsored the Project Searching the Origin of Mother River of the two Qinghua Universities in mainland China and Taiwan.

In 2000

RUNNING RIVER initiated the R&D and sales of skiing products.

In 2004

RUNNING RIVER began the production of outfits for the motocross ATV. and off-road rallies.

In 2007

the RUNNING RIVER Motocross ATV. Team achieved excellent performance in the Across Taklimakan Rally.

After the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008

RUNNING RIVER donated over 600 down jackets to the disaster area.

Since 2009

RUNNING RIVER has been cooperating with the renowned Yihe Farm and won the national championship for several times on the national barrel racing competitions.

Since 2009

RUNNING RIVER has been designing and providing professional polowear for Tang Polo, a professional polo competition. At the same time, RUNNING RIVER have also been actively promoting the popularity of polo.

In 2011

the RUNNING RIVER Motocross ATV. Team began internationalized and established the biggest team in China in record. There are 63 members, including 15 racers, 15 premier racing cars and 11 backup cars. Once again, the team championed the Across Taklimakan Rally and won another 30 rewards.

At the end of 2011

RUNNING RIVER produced 2011 Chronicle of Across Taklimakan Rally, the first documentary on motocross ATV. and off-road rallies in China.

In 2012

RUNNING RIVER Motocross ATV. Team successfully defended the champion title and casted in the movie Rivers Never Stop, the first documentary of motocross ATV. in China.